2023.09 UniSat Inscribe Upgrading

2 min readSep 7, 2023


Earlier this week, UniSat conducted a comprehensive update and optimization of UniSat Inscribe, providing a more stable and reliable foundation for the delivery of subsequent products.

Existing Issues

Over the past few months, UniSat Inscribe has experienced the following issues:

  • Some users encountered various issues while making payments for inscribing, resulting in orders not processing correctly, necessitating them to contact customer service for refunds.
  • In some cases, users initially made insufficient payments, even after adding the necessary funds, orders still couldn’t proceed. Such cases required users to contact customer service for refunds.
  • Users accidentally overpaid, with the excess amount distributed evenly among each inscription.
  • During bulk inscribing, if the confirmation time for the first batch of 24 inscriptions exceeded 8 hours, the second batch of inscriptions would not automatically proceed. In such cases, users needed to contact customer service for manual activation.
  • Due to inconsistencies in the memory pool, payment amounts were not accurately detected, leading to order closures after 1 hour, without recognizing payment status.

The Upgrades

We have made significant upgrades to address these issues within our inscribing system, as follows:

  • Users can now independently request refunds on the page to resolve payment errors related to inscriptions.
  • For cases of insufficient payment, we now support users in adding funds to continue inscribing.
  • In cases of overpayment, we strive to refund the excess amount to the order’s receiving address (amounts less than 1000 satoshis will be treated as a fee to expedite the order).
  • Payments including inscriptions are now instantly detected and prompt users to choose immediate refunds.
  • There is no longer an 8-hour restriction on casting detection during bulk inscribing.
  • Now, the system will always perform a payment check as soon as it’s completed. If there is an inconsistency in the memory pool, you’ll need to wait for payment transaction confirmation before proceeding, or within 1 hour, you can choose to refund or continue casting.

New Features

In addition to issue resolution, we have introduced several new features:

  • We’ve added Segregated Witness and Taproot address support for inscribing, with a minimum setting of 330.
  • Now, you can set a unique receiving address for each inscription during inscribing.
  • After completing an order, we clearly display the UniSat Points available for each order.
  • Following order completion, you can export a list of inscription IDs for more convenient collection management.
  • We’ve optimized the display of historical orders, with clearer statuses and points.
  • We’ve reopened the MIXPAY payment channel, allowing you to use alternative payment methods from different chains and technologies including Lightning Network.

Developer Support

We have also extended support for developers:

  • We’ve introduced a new inscribing API, enabling you to set developer service fees.
  • The new OpenAPI documentation is now available online. For detailed information, please refer to http://docs.unisat.io/

Next, with the updated inscribing system, we will start delivering a series of product updates, and sending out inviting inscriptions of the early public version of brc20-swap to our passionate users.

Thanks for your patience. We really appreciate that.

More details will be delivered at the event of the Ord Summit next week. Stay tuned!

UniSat Team