2023.10 Initially Available Assets for brc20-swap

2 min readOct 29, 2023

As mentioned in the brc20-swap FAQ, brc20-swap will operate in a black module state during the initial period on mainnet, which results in a limitation on the withdrawal function as listed below:

  • For a given asset (such as ordi), withdrawal requests from within the module can only be fulfilled when there are incoming user deposits from outside the module.

In other words, if an asset lacks sufficient deposit requests, corresponding withdrawal requests may face delays, significantly affecting the user experience.

Based on the above limitations, after intensive research, we have decided to provide support for a limited list of available assets on brc20-swap during its initial launch. By doing this we can improve the overall withdrawal experience mentioned above.

We have established a clear and explicit rule to determine the list of assets that brc20-swap will support at launch:

  • Assets that have had at least 15 days of trading activity on UniSat Marketplace in the past 30 days will be included (assets with a non-zero median trade volume in the past 30 days).

By this measure, assets deployed within the past 14 days are excluded, and assets with over half of the past 30 days having a trade volume of 0 are also excluded.

According to this measure, brc20-swap will initially support the following 14 assets:

  • sats
  • ordi
  • trac
  • oshi
  • btcs
  • oxbt
  • texo
  • cncl
  • meme
  • honk
  • zbit
  • vmpx
  • pepe
  • mxrc

Concentrating on supporting these assets at launch will significantly enhance the withdrawal experience provided by brc20-swap during the black module phase.

As the system gradually stabilizes, we expect that, the implementation of brc20-swap will be fully acknowledged by different indexers in the near future, eventually transitioning to a white module and supporting the trading of any assets, enabling complete and unrestricted withdrawals.

As the system iterates and evolves, we will continue to add support for new assets.

For further details on brc-20 modules, withdrawals, centralization, and more, please visit the following link:

UniSat Team