2023.11 UniSat Developer Service released

1 min readNov 17, 2023

Today, we proudly release the reconstructed developer services called UniSat Developer Service.

UniSat Developer Service exposes almost every piece of capability we have delivered throughout the year 2023.

As a developer, now you can practically rebuild a whole new UniSat from scratch using the exposed interfaces.

Use Cases

By leveraging the service, you can now easily build:

  • an automated trading bot that swap like a human
  • a modern block explorer that understands Ordinals and brc-20 well
  • a peer-to-peer PSBT-based marketplace for Ordinals and brc-20
  • a game or app with built-in Ordinals and brc-20 inscribing service
  • any service that connects to UniSat Wallet like a charm
  • (and much more…)

Why use it?

  • Battle-tested: it uses the same infrastructure that UniSat uses every day, with tens of millions inscriptions.
  • Blazing fast: internally it accesses full on-chain data in memory and never touches the hard disk.
  • State-of-the-art: it supports full specification of Ordinals and brc-20 with constant updates to keep everything up to date.
  • Industrial strength: well-known exchanges and services like CoinMarketCap are using it.

Have fun, and build something standing on UniSat’s shoulders!

Link: https://docs.unisat.io/dev/unisat-developer-service

UniSat Team