2024.01 UniSat Development Progress Update

5 min readJan 31, 2024


As we continue to enhance the brc20 experience, we’re committed to fostering greater transparency and establishing stronger communication with our community. Your support and enthusiasm are crucial to our progress, and we truly value the trust you place in us.

We recognize the importance of keeping you informed and updated. To this end, we’re implementing regular updates on our development progress, ensuring you have a clear and up-to-date picture of our work and the journey ahead. Pursuing innovation sometimes presents unexpected challenges, and addressing these effectively can require additional time. However, our dedication to delivering a superior brc20 experience remains unwavering.

In this update, we aim to affirm that each action we undertake, no matter how minor, is focused on delivering a reliable and high-quality experience. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive overview of our recent progress, intending to offer you a clearer understanding of UniSat’s ongoing endeavors.

brc20 Indexer — the Reference Implementation

  • UniSat is participating in a collaborative approach for brc-20 maintenance by choosing not to release a standalone UniSat Indexer. Instead, the reference indexer implementation is now being developed based on BestinSlots’s modified version of ‘ord’. This approach aims to establish a referen implementation for brc-20, similar to how Bitcoin has Bitcoin Core and Ordinals have their default implementations.
  • Implementations derived from this co-development approach will ensure consistency with the existing behaviors of indexers from both BestInSlots and UniSat.
  • Building on this foundation, we have incorporated the modular architecture and added support for brc20-swap. This potentially enables brc20-swap to become a full-featured swap platform, offering reward mechanisms and direct withdrawal capabilities, thus providing a comprehensive service to our users.
  • Once we’re ready, we’ll make an announcement. Stay tuned!

UniSat App Development & Delivery

The development phase of the UniSat app has reached completion, with all intended features now fully developed. Currently, we are deeply engaged in comprehensive security testing and improvements, aiming to ensure that every facet of the app delivers a safer and smoother experience to our users.

As we progress through this critical phase, we plan to announce the official launch date once we have a clearer timeline based on the outcomes of these tests. Stay tuned for further updates.

UniSat Infrastructure Enhancement

  • Support for Binance and Bybit marketplaces

Over the past month, UniSat has undergone substantial enhancements to its infrastructure, encompassing both software and hardware improvements. These upgrades, more than tenfold in capacity, are part of our commitment to effectively support the upcoming launch of the Marketplaces of Binance & Bybit.

  • API enhancements

We’ve implemented extensive optimizations at the software level and significantly enhanced our system configurations at the hardware level, improving the architecture. This has substantially increased the overall processing capacity of our system.

Currently handling over 10,000,000 queries per day, UniSat is gearing up for a significant leap in capability, ready to accommodate 200,000,000 queries daily. This ongoing optimization effort underlines our dedication to bolstering the infrastructure of the Ordinals ecosystem. Our goal is to provide a stable and dependable infrastructure of industrial-grade strength, ensuring robust support for the growing needs of our users and partners.

ARC20 Indexer and API

  • The ARC20 standard is set for a comprehensive UniSat-optimized implementation, tailored for streamlined and effective integration.
  • UniSat is gearing up to support high-concurrency queries, enhancing its serving capacity to a level 1000 times greater than the current official indexer, aiming for improved performance and stability.
  • The upcoming updates have undergone extensive battle-testing within UniSat marketplaces and have been developed in close sync with the official indexer over recent weeks, ensuring reliable and advanced functionality.
  • We anticipate launching in February, with the exact release date to be announced.

UniSat Game Framework

UniSat Game Framework is used for game products to fully utilize the power of Ordinals & brc-20.

  • Items obtained in-game will be inscribed immediately using the UniSat API, ensuring a seamless link between gameplay and asset ownership.
  • In-game marketplaces will be integrated with the UniSat Marketplace, facilitating shared liquidity and a cohesive trading environment.
  • Developers will be able to craft on-chain asset stores with precision, utilizing recursive technology for tailored asset management.
  • The framework will include brc-20 GameFi Contract inscriptions, such as brc20-swap, providing foundational structures for in-game financial interactions.

For more details:


UniSat Game Framework Showcase

  • UniWorld

UniWorlds is a 3D Creation Engine on Bitcoin. It is committed to building a series of infrastructures for the creation of virtual worlds. To establish an open, active, and fair environment with users, creators, and virtual assets. UniWorlds will open a new era of 3D content creation

  • Ordz Games -Inscriptions War

- 1st on-chain game leveraging UniSat’s modular proposal

- A gamified way to mint and trade inscriptions

Bitcoin as a System

Fractal Bitcoin represents our solution for extending the capabilities of Bitcoin. It embodies our understanding and practical application of Bitcoin as a system.

For further information, please refer to the detailed description:

More technical details will be provided later.

We’re optimistic about the future and look forward to the opportunity to share our developments with you when they’re ready. Your patience and support mean everything to us, especially as we navigate through the complexities of delivering our promises. Thank you for standing by us during this journey.

UniSat Team