2024.02 UniSat API Demo with Sources Now Available on GitHub

3 min readFeb 8, 2024


Responding to developer requests for more examples, we’ve released some UniSat API demos and their source codes. Dive into these demos to see how our APIs work in action.

Check out the demos and source codes here:

UniSat Marketplace API Demo

The UniSat Market API is designed to enhance interaction with the marketplace by providing a robust set of endpoints. Here’s what the Market API offers:

  • Inscription Listings: Gain access to the current listings for brc20, domains, and collections, enabling the development of customized interfaces to showcase marketplace inscriptions.
  • Inscription Details: Retrieve specific details about inscriptions, including seller information and sale price.
  • Buy and Sell Inscriptions: Facilitate buying and selling inscriptions directly through the API, along with delisting and price adjustments.
  • Transaction History: Access historical transaction data for brc20, domains, or collections to display in your application.
  • Price Information: Obtain pricing trends for brc20, including real-time, 24-hour, and 7-day prices.

It’s vital to ensure that applications using the Market API comply with local regulations. Additionally, accessing the Market API functionalities requires a specific API key, which needs to be requested as it’s not included with the default API-KEY.

Check details here: https://demo-market.unisat.io/

UniSat Inscribe API Demo

The UniSat Inscribe API offers a suite of endpoints designed to streamline interactions with inscribing services, allowing you to establish your inscribing service without the hassle of maintaining indexes or updating inscription protocols. Here’s what you can achieve with the Inscribe API:

  • Create inscribing Orders: Easily create orders for inscribing inscriptions and set developer service fees.
  • Order List Query: Access a list of orders created with your API-KEY, with user information filters to facilitate front-end display.
  • Order Details: Retrieve detailed information about specific orders, including progress and the list of inscriptions contained.
  • Refund Functionality: In case of unexecutable or abnormal orders, this feature enables customer service to process refunds efficiently.
  • Statistics Overview: Gain insights into your overall order activity, including the total number of orders, number of successful orders, and more. Additional statistical data will also be available.

Check details here: https://demo-inscribe.unisat.io/

UniSat Wallet API Demo

The UniSat Wallet API provides a suite of methods for the UniSat wallet, greatly aiding dApp integration. Our demo illustrates the interaction between the UniSat wallet and dApps, offering insights for developers on integrating seamless wallet functionalities.

Check details here: https://demo.unisat.io/

UniSat brc20-swap API Demo

The Swap API offers a collection of endpoints for interacting with brc20-swap, enabling you to create a brc20-swap application and provide your users with the brc20-swap experience.

  • Basic Swap Operations: Create trading pairs, add liquidity, remove liquidity, and swap tokens.
  • Deposits and Withdrawals: Facilitates deposit and withdrawal functions, including transaction history.
  • Information Queries: Access records of swap inscriptions on the blockchain, total liquidity, and current status.
  • Historical Queries: View comprehensive historical data on various operations and specific address histories, useful for front-end display.

Check details here: https://demo-swap.unisat.io/

Issues & Feature Requests

For issue reports and feature requests, please visit the repository below:

We hope the API demos and source codes highlighted above will assist developers in their integration and development efforts.

UniSat Team