2024.04 brc20-swap Updates

1 min readApr 23, 2024


During the Bitcoin halving period, in addition to improving existing services, we are also actively advancing the standardization work related to brc20-swap.

At the meeting of this Monday, maintainers of the brc-20 standard expressed their concerns for UniSat to provide a complete specification for the swap, which will provide a clear and explicit definition of the swap behavior.

Well-defined specification documents facilitate standardization and help people fully understand the behavior of the swap from a theoretical perspective, minimizing ambiguity and undefined behavior.

It’s not enough to have a running instance that works. Documentation and specification matters.

We understand the importance of this work and will make every effort to complete the drafting of the specification within this week.

We have committed to the participants in the standardization process to submit a draft of this specification by this Friday for review by BRC20 Oversight Committee, while also seeking insightful feedback.

Next, in the first week of May, following domo’s suggestion, we will fully open-source the whole code-base for the swap, allowing anyone to utilize the code to deploy and run a brc20-swap.

Additionally, we will assist BestInSlot in completing a second implementation on OPI, ensuring that the behavior of the UniSat implementation of the swap aligns with that of the OPI swap implementation.

While moving forward with the brc-20 standard, we are also consolidating the infrastructure to consume much less memory than earlier version. In this way, when things are reopened, the user experience will be improved greatly.

UniSat Team