2024.05 brc20-swap standardization status update

2 min readMay 8, 2024


Open-sourcing & Spec-defining

As part of the brc20-swap standardization process, we open-sourced its source code last week, including the code of the sequencer and the code of the contract in these two repositories:

We will continue to add more documentation and diagrams to help developers build their own swap based on these constructs.

The specification details and indexing rules were also shared earlier in these two files:

These details define the framework and constraints about how brc20-swap is executed, which are necessary to the standardization process.

brc20-swap access

The brc20-swap module has been reopened with the trading temporarily not being enabled. Users are able to connect to view their balances and remove liquidity. This phase supports in-module transfers of brc20 assets within the swap module. Please note that transfers of LP tokens will not be supported at this time. Stay tuned for official updates regarding further plans.

UniSat Android App support for the swap

Alongside the standardization efforts, our team is actively developing support for the swap in the UniSat Android App. More details will be provided in the upcoming official Android release.

We are committed to pushing forward with the standardization of the brc20-swap and enhancing our platform to better serve our community. We appreciate your continued support and engagement as we continue to develop and refine our services.