2024.04 brc20-swap Announcement

2 min readApr 9, 2024


As one of the active implementation maintainers of brc-20, UniSat has been working with domo and BestInSlots to deliver our next proposal (brc20-swap) to the standard.

The proposal

Yesterday, we took an important step forward and formally proposed IP2 for everyone in this community to review about:

Your feedback and comments on this will be highly appreciated, and are indeed helpful to both L1F and the whole community. Every bit of your contributions are critical to help us maintainers deliver the feature.

UniSat has been keeping good communication channels with other indexers like BestInSlots and OKX to help maintainers to coordinate. It’s never easy and there will be tons of work to do in the upcoming weeks for us to work more closely to deliver on the implementation side.

As we discussed earlier this week, L1F is actively working on delivering a roadmap for brc-20, which would help greatly with what is going to happen next for the standard. Specifically, domo, Binari and Lorenzo will be in a Twitter space hosted by L1F this Friday to talk about details with everyone in this space about the roadmap.

The open-sourcing

As also being discussed in the same meeting above, UniSat has decided to release every bit of the source code implementation of brc20-swap in the near future, so that the source code of brc20-swap becomes public goods, and agile teams get a chance to build their own swap based on ours and have it running from day one. We are also open to different stable coin solution providers who are willing to have their stablecoins supported on brc20-swap from day one.

The pause

To prepare for the upcoming source code release, indexer coordination and the feature delivery itself, starting today, the service of brc20-swap on UniSat will be temporarily paused until proposal finalization. The development activities on testnet will continue as usual though. This is for both development and security purposes. We sincerely hope you understand.

The airdrops

  • Upon full opening of the service to the public, UniSat will airdrop all previously generated brc20-sats (the service fee collected before the pause) to early users of brc20-swap.
  • As brc-20 swap services become fully accessible, the top 20 accounts with the highest holdings will be rewarded with an airdrop of the highest tier UniSat Emblems.
  • For future airdrops on the Fractal Bitcoin mainnet, UniSat will prioritize users who interacted with and deposited into brc20-swap before the pause.

UniSat will also keep you updated about our latest progress on Runes support, Cursed inscriptions, UniSat App iOS version and the new Developer Center later this week. Stay tuned.

UniSat Team